Episode guide

Season one

1 Oct. 26: Where they come up with an idea, Simon does a funny and Beate falls for it.
Beate has an idea, Simon likes it, John goes “sigh” (as usual), and Jen feels old. Join the Four Fundraising Friends (oh yes..) in this gongshow of a conversation!

2 Nov. 5: where they awkwardly try this out and John and Jen have a fight.
The big “offer vs story” fight of 2019, Beate and Simon feel left out, podcasts are peaking, Jen misses authenticity and John needs a sandwich.

3 Nov. 12: where they basically just talk about Dan Palotta (Hello Dan!)
Guest Clay Buck shows up, no-one is where they’re supposed to be, and Dan Palotta gets talked about a lot. Simon is proud that Dan once commented his blog.

4 Nov. 19: Where branding and shit fundraising is the topic and Mark types reeeaally slowly
Mark Phillips is our guest lobster, and my god he types slowly. But also my god how clever the things he says are when he finally gets there!

5 Nov. 26: Where they talk about sexual harassment in the fundraising sector
This one isn’t funny. But important. A guest lobster tells her story of reporting sexual harassment. We talk about how she feels now, about staying anonymous and conditioning.

6 Dec. 3: What else is there to talk about than #GivingTuesday
Are charities good at using Giving Tuesday or is it all crap? What are butter tarts? Are lobsters monogamous? And, do we need some non-cynical friends?

7 Dec. 17: where donor insight hero Lesley almost is an hour late but then inspires everyone deeply instead
Lesley Pinder talks about donor insights and advocates actually TALKING to donors and everyone gushes and loves it. Even if she can’t think of seafood puns.

Season two

1 Jan. 07: The Season One Lobster Awards
Pretty much everyone wins an award. The lobsters realise they might not see each other in 2020 and that is sad. Someone please invite us all to your event!

2 Jan. 14: Where Jen actually brought SLIDES for her turn to host!
The lobsters talk about a scarcity vs abundance mindset. Does more pie for you mean less pie for me? Or does it simply mean more pie for everyone? Either way, Jen has brought an abundance of slides to explain her points y’all.

3 Jan. 30: John has lost track of lobsterfacts already and donorlove is good and people are annoying and Norwegians hate Valentines day.
John struggles to keep control of the room when the lobsters (supposedly) talk about #Donorlove. Two lobsterfacts are introduced but you know one of them already.

4 Feb. 4: Simon is ON FIRE, John refuses metrics. KPI’s are good and bad.
Simon drops truth bombs, John doesn’t like metrics, Jen get’s censored. The lobsters split two-two on love/hate for google analytics live view.

5 Feb.11: Where everybody is trying to get organised and one person gets their messy desktop outed
Simon has quit his Bullet Journal. Beate almost gets booted for suggesting Slack. Johns desk is a mess, Jen suffers for it. And a twofer on lobster facts!

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