What did I just read??

Do you mean to tell us you’re not familiar with the concept of a written podcast??

Emma Jenkin describes it beautifully: “Imagine you’re in a group chat with John Lepp, Beate Sørum, Jen Love and Simon Scriver but you were away from you phone and now you get to catch up“.

Simple as that.

Once a week, good friends Beate Sørum, Simon Scriver, Jen Love and John Lepp sit down on opposite sides of the Atlantic and have a conversation about something reasonably fundraising related. And then we share that conversation with you, dear reader.

Do you want us to talk about your stuff?

Have an idea for a topic? A lobster fact to share? Something you want an exceptionally hot take on? A campaign you’d like dissected? Piece of news to share? Email or tweet either of the folks below!

About J,J,S & B

Jen Love is..

..a storyteller. But not in a poetic sense. In a fumbling, half-sentence-speaking, feelings-over-facts sense.



John Lepp is..

..a ranter with a restless and relentless pursuit of knowledge. He is always open for a chat or conversation with colleagues around the world, even at the expense of actual work to be done.

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Simon Scriver is..

..a cynic with a heart of gold. He is curious and genuine when he asks his podcast guests and all fundraisers about what makes them tick and what they want to change about our world.

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Beate (Bea) Sørum is..

..the Norse goddess of digital fundraising. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen her shusshhhh a group of adults…and then watch as they actually shut up and pay attention.

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