Lobster Facts

A summary.

Season one

🦞 Ep. 1: Lobsters are thought to never stop growing and if they live long enough, they can reach up to 1m long!

🦞 Ep. 2: Lobsters apparantly pee out of their faces.

🦞 Ep. 3: Lobsters have tiny brains. Ballpoint pen-size!

🦞 Ep. 4: Lobsters eat each other given the chance. But not to worry says Mark Phillips, that is not behaviour witnessed in the wild – only when we impose bad changes like cages. Which is somehow like bad branding?

🦞 Ep. 5: In the too-on-the-nose-department: If you boil male lobsters, you have to use a lid. Because they climb on each other, making bridges so some can escape. If you boil female lobsters, they hold each other down so none can escape. Sad lobster😥

🦞 Ep. 6: Lobsters are not particularly monogamous and Friends (the show) has disappointed us again.

Season 2

🦞 Ep. 1: Every one in 50 million lobsters are born half male half female. Also half blue, half brown and Jen thinks they look like a nightmare.

🦞 Ep. 2: Lobsters use their claws for different things! The smaler one is called the pincer or cutter claw, and the larger is called the crusher claw. I feel like that should be the ccccrrrrrruuuuussssshhhhherrr claaaaaw! Badass.

🦞 Ep. 3: Lobsters are gross and eat their own shells after molting😐

🦞 Ep. 4: Lobsters have teeth in their stomachs.

🦞 Ep. 5: Lobsters smell with their feet! Though their feet might be their hands. It’s a bit unclear.

🦞 Ep. 5: It’s a twofer! Second #lobsterfact of episode 5: Lobsters are biologically immortal. But immortal in this case doesn’t mean they don’t die – just that they don’t stop growing?? Aah, science, using words for different things than what they otherwise mean🙄

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