Nov. 26: Where they talk about sexual harassment in the fundraising sector

Trigger Warning: This chat will contain talk about sexual harassment and violence. Today is a different kind of #lobsterchat. November 26th is the National Day of Conversation (#NDOC) in Canada, a way to start and sustain conversations about sexual harassment in the nonprofit sector. Thank you to Liz LeClair and Wanda Deschamps for starting this […]

Nov. 12: where they basically just talk about Dan Palotta (Hello Dan??!)

*Jen added Clay Buck to the chat* *Simon removed Clay Buck from the chat* Dan Palotta’s TED Talk “The way we think about charity is dead wrong” – highly recommended viewing! Simon’s 2013 blog post “The problem with Dan Palotta” where DAN PALOTTA HIMSELF COMMENTED! And for good measure, since it’s a good watch, Simon’s […]

Oct. 26: Where they come up with an idea, Simon does a funny and Beate falls for it.

Guys, I just thought of something. Random idea. You know those conversation-y blogposts that for instance FiveThirtyEight do? It’s kinda almost like a written podcast. We should do those! Like a weekly lobster chat around whatever topic, remove all the worst offensive stuff and then publish it as a regular blog post. Yay!